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City of Volterra


Volterra is full of contrasts. Around this village, still authentic and not contaminated by the frenzy of the contemporary life, are round hills but also sour and wild zones. Volterra has a varied landscape: argillaceous hills without vegetation which leave space to cultivations of cereals; greens valleys with farms and small cultivated fields delimited by bushes, sour calanchi, steep sandy cliffs and forests with rock slops create a spectacular view.

The exceptional landscape typical of limpid days, repays the glance of the visitors. It goes from mounts of the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano to the sea, with the islands of Tuscany archipelago until noticing Corsica isle.

Only few kilometers, from
Cecina river valley to Era river are extended wood areas like Berignone, Monterufoli-Caselli and Montenero forests, that are protected by natural parks. There are a lot of paths you can cover by foot, horse or mountain-bike. They lead in the most magical and evocative points of the forests. Here the nature join precious historical testimonies such as the rests of Etruscan, Roman and medieval civilization scattered on the territory. Furthermore, there are important mineral extractions because the underground is rich in minerals. All this create a unique equilibrium in history, nature and culture

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